International Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding’, as a concept, and in its practice, covers a gamut of activities and operations. The seamless dovetailing of all of these, to deliver 


'Anywhere - Anytime : On Time ' is the essence of our business 

The word Freight is used in various manifestations to describe a plethora of connotations. 

Freight as an expression is used to indicate the actual cost of movement: This would be in the context of a 'freight rate". You will be asked, "how much freight did you pay?" which could actually be the total of all transport costs from one point to the other, whether called freight-rate or not.

 Freight as the actual action of movement : This would be in the question "how do you want to freight this?" e.g. air or sea or land. 

 Freight used to describe the actual cargo itself. As in "We will have to track your freight!" or in the expression Freight Forwarder.

 (To) Freight is used to indicate that the charges are to be shown on a given document. For example, to freight a bill of lading is to endorse it with the prepaid and / or collect charges due.

Our freight department has many years of experience in all types of commodities and can ship various goods to just about any country. This is done quickly and most cost effectively through channels of proven air / sea carriers.

Our custom clearance divisions  has licensed persons with many years of experience to make certain that your export/import shipments are cleared in the shortest span of time.

The company provides air and sea logistics and distribution services as well as purchase order management and ancillary freight services in addition to freight forwarding, Customs Brokerage and warehousing to both overseas and domestic companies. 

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